Search recommendations often go unnoticed or misunderstood. Did you ever feel that your search work hit roadblocks most often? You may also be concerned about the recognition from people on the outcome of the search results. We excel at talking about this work, — we are good at sharing the technical knowledge and enhancements in search. But we might not be good at how we do the talking. This makes a lot of difference between the implementation of search work with good output or allowing it to rest in a backlog.

It is critical though to make clients and customers understand the results of the search work and implement it. Analyze clients’ abilities and establish the search in a bigger perspective to overcome the roadblocks and earn productive results.

Client Buy In

Signing a contract with a client does not imply that they will accept and implement all search recommendations. Implementing SEO work is not an easy task, it is a slow and strenuous process. It is difficult to get small businesses to pass through without roadblocks. It is frustrating if the search results do not get implemented and earn results to the client. The constant nagging from client for good search results for projects ends up in frustration, impatient, and denial. Added to this, some other search results gained acceptance from client with successful implementation.


What is blocking the way ahead to implementation?

Based on a survey on the challenges encountered while implementing search recommendations, the following challenges are listed:

Less Search Understanding

  • Client concerns
  • Peer resistance
  • Boss acceptance

Prioritizing and Buy-In

  • Search work not prioritized
  • Client external buy-in
  • Internal buy-in from peers and boss
  • Lessons from past unsuccessful projects or mistakes

Corporate Acceptance

  • Slow approvals
  • No support
  • Client withdrawal or minimal support
  • Difficult and highly resistant client

Limitations on resource availability

  • Non-availability of technical resources for backlog analysis
  • Low budget and minimal scope to generate search impact
  • Limited Digital Platform

There are other bottlenecks that impact the work flow of projects such as complex processes, no ownership, changing budgets and priorities. The list of parameters that stand in the way of SEO progress is exhaustive posing a challenge before the marketers.

Let us look at few tips that can change the way you look at these challenges and get your SEO search implemented.

SEO search specialists are well-trained in the actual work execution rather than the soft skills training to sustain and progress in their task, eliminate blocks, achieve buy-in, and implement successfully. Such soft skills are necessary to make SEO search result-oriented and get client acceptance leading to a successful and beneficial long-lasting association.

Following is a list of recommendations from SEO professionals to gain the acceptance of SEO results:

Client Maturity

Challenges in SEO acceptance is mostly due to process, organizational, people, and client understanding. Evaluating the maturity of all these factors gives an insight on what needs to be resolved internally. Combining a well-established search capability with the organizational maturity results in wealth of ideas for enhancing performances.

What type of search capability model do you choose?

Real-time implementation of search best practices — Evaluate if the client implements advanced SEO or just the basics; check if there is no SEO implementation or a counterproductive approach exists. Based on the outcome, you can choose the relevant projects to start with SEO implementation. However, this model of SEO only specifies what needs to be done, and not what went wrong or blocks the success.

Organizational maturity

Evaluate the client maturity towards their organic search model and identify the blocks or bottlenecks that hinder with the SEO search implementation. If the findings talk about minimal personnel and low prioritization, consider these items immediately. At times, the issue might be due to inefficient process to integrate their SEO findings into their marketing protocols. Immediately help them streamline their marketing process, and to continuously evolve such process for improvement.

Educate the Management

Being SEO experts, it is the responsibility of SEO engineers to educate the management or client on the benefits, the power, and its impact on the brands. Customize the education using their jargons to make them understand the ground reality, rather than the technical aspects. Focus on the outcomes such brand visibility, competing with competitors, and making more money.

Demonstrate more less talk 

This is yet another powerful way of making people understand.

Depict the impact, the issues, the downfall, and other factors that affect performance of search work. Rather than talking about these in detail, visualizing with real-time examples are the best way to enhance the reach.

Show the bigger picture

While we can convince clients on the benefits of our SEO search results and what we can do for them, most often, this is not the only obstacle in their minds. We must prove the bigger perspective and show how a strategic marketing mix can bring results.

Acknowledge the associated costs

Every decision pertaining to search results come with a cost, risk, commitment, and ownership. When the client invests on such search recommendation, there is an opportunity cost involved in the new marketing initiative.

Expand the marketing expertise

Small businesses might not possess a good combination of SEO experts and the right marketing personnel to drive this initiative. Well, this needs to be sorted out to bring in a collaboration of efforts on all sides for effective results.

Prioritize on critical and immediate items

Correct the critical items rather than considering all issues at a time. Go one step at a time and focus on what is needed immediately.


Finally, implementing all the recommendations adhering to the guidelines needs lot of patience, persistent follow-ups, appropriate communication and determination. The confidence combined with the right view drives this initiative to the success line.

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