2018 is bursting with many hard outcomes where men usually find it hard to be online. However, with the rise of digital marketing than ever before people are finding it harder to stay on top practices of SEO. Since the search engines make changes every day you must bear in mind the truth that is approaching towards SEO in 2018.

Why SEO is getting definitely harder?

To divulge into the reality, optimizing for search was once easier than ever. With Google continuing to develop and communicate rank factors, many things are recurring being added and done and optimisers do have to handle much of the SEO grunt work from before. After simplifying the SEO tactics, apart from streamlining the process it also raised the bar. When most sites using the appropriate keywords and meta-descriptions are crawled by Google, the leftover things to do are just tough stuffs.

5 Hard Truths about SEO in 2018

#1 Your website must be mobile-friendly.
#2 Your content must be of substantial length.
#3 Don’t try and trick the search engines.
#4 Featured snippets are beginning to dominate the serps.
#5 Voice search is coming.

Most Important Harder Facts of SEO to Watch in 2018

More Technical

Many challenges that were found in the past years are still difficult to solve them at present. Some of those challenges were driven by ever changing complexity of marketing technology. For example:

  • How to optimize a site that is running across two subdomains?
  • What about websites that are essentially half web app and half website?
  • How do modern SEO dovetail with marketing automation or account based tactics like gated content?
  • Your site many run fast, however the current metrics is in milliseconds. Are you fast enough?
More Content-Driven

Content creation seems to be one of the biggest challenges. There has already been plenty of ink spilled regarding the value of content. However the matter to focus here is that creating content whether it is written, video or photo is getting harder. Creating content that is concurrently unique, bound to your goals, SEO friendly and engaging is not only burdensome, but also often expensive and time consuming.

If you’re going to invest in SEO, you should plan for six months with less to no ROI. Since its not plug and play rather is slow and long burn process, most of you competitors would not be willing be put the work nor pave opportunity for you.

In addition, SEO is a great and long term marketing investment but the investment and timeline scare away the company looking for cheap and quick wins. With time, many of them are turning to paid search for those quick wins which drive up ad-cost and make SEO a more preferred investment.

More Content, more problems

For companies who invest more in content marketing for SEO, your strategy becomes more involved and complicated as you go on adding website pages, videos, webinars and other contents. Also it will create more work for you on the internal communication level in order to balance the SEO requirement with consistent message, tone and voice.

It creates more work on the page level optimization in order to ensure make visible your content. This results in more work on the data analysis and analytics level to ensure that content is making vital tweaks to strategy and is accomplishing its goal.

More Competitive

Finally, there is the competition segment. SEO doesn’t happen in vacuum and your website gets compared to all of the others for same search terms. Whether you’re an enterprise level SAAS provider or a local contractor, your competition will reveal the by the SEO game in the last handful of years.

Also, for many industry aggregator sites, they have solidified and brought up marketing muscle to reach to local industries and its niche. These sites eat-up searches and render UX for users looking to compare providers.

What is already over the horizon?

One can’t say exactly what the future of SEO has in store. But if time has shown anything, it is that SEO will only continue to change as the marketers demand for the need to evolve. When we see at the typical example of the horizon like voice search we come to get this very clearly. We are now closer than ever to a screen less ecosystem and depending on how we optimize will give sure presentation to meet the greater challenges.

That’s exciting!

We are currently in a time where we not only watch the search evolving, but also watch technology which is rising at a rapid scale. Thus, it might be challenging, the good old days might be long and we are living in a time of change needs harder stuffs to cope.

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