What We Got After Learning

  • How To Set Up A Beautiful Shopify Website Quicky & Easily
  • How To Set Up Products Including Integration With Amazon, Etsy, and other selling sites
  • How To Collect Money Via Shopify
  • How To Integrate Social Media Into Your New Shopify Website
  • How To Integrate Email Marketing For Long-Term Relationship Building, Traffic, and Sales
  • How To Understand The Shopify Ecommerce Platform
  • How To Add Additional Features Through The Shopify App Marketplace
  • How To Use Shopify Reports & 3rd Party Analytics Tools To Maximize Profit


– Understanding Shopify – 3 Foundational Aspects

– Introduction To Shopify Themes

– Theme Check-List Part 1 – Branding Aspects

– Theme Check-List Part 2 – Product Aspects

– Theme Check-List Part 3 – Pricing Functionality Aspects

– Theme Check-List Part 4 – Placement Aspects

– Theme Check-List Part 5 – Promotion Aspects

– Installing A Theme On Your Shopify Site

– Introduction To The Shopify App Marketplace

– 6 App You Should Consider Adding To Your Shopify Website

– A Guided Tour Of The App Marketplace

– 7 Insider Tips For Working With Apps

– An Introduction To Shopify Products

– Apps You Might Need For Various Product Strategies

– Integrating Shopify And Amazon

– Product Set-up Guided Tour

– An Introduction To Payment Options

– Understanding The Shopify Merchant Services Payment Option

– Exactly When And How You Get Paid When Customers Purchase

– Using The Shopify Point-Of-Sale Card Reader

– Introduction To Email Marketing Integration On Shopify

– Name Collection Via Shopify Apps

– Name Collection Via The Shopify Shopping Cart

– An Overview Of Email Marketing Campaigns

– Email Marketing Welcome Campaigns

– Email Marketing Engagement Campaigns

– Introduction To Social Media Marketing Integration With Shopify

– Understanding The Massive Value Of Facebook And Pinterest For Social Traffic

– Instagram Integration With Hashtags

– Embedding Youtube Videos On Your Shopify Product Pages

-An Introduction To Shopify Reports & Analytics

-A Shopify Reports Walk-Through

-Turning A Shopify Report Into Actionable Business Insights

-Evaluating The 3rd Party Analytics Apps

-Using Google Analytics With Shopify

-Final Tip & Next Steps For Your Awesome Shopify Site